Our Hotel

Nestled within the serene pine forests of Vagia and embraced by the ancient allure of the Aphaia temple, our boutique hotel stands as a timeless gem in the heart of Aegina, Greece. Located in the quaint fishing village of Vagia, a mere five-minute stroll from the sun-kissed sandy beach, our haven beckons travelers seeking an authentic and traditional retreat. Set against the backdrop of the island’s rich history and natural beauty, our hotel serves as the perfect sanctuary for those yearning to explore the wonders of Aegina.


Our Traditional Breakfast

Discover the essence of tradition at our boutique hotel nestled beneath Vagia’s serene pine forest on the enchanting Aegina island in Greece. Situated moments away from the sun-kissed beach and the ancient Temple of Aphaia, our hotel in the heart of Vagia village exudes timeless charm. Embrace the authentic island experience starting your day with our sumptuous homemade, organic breakfast amidst three lush gardens, an integral part of our tranquil retreat. Step into our spacious reception area adorned with minimal yet distinctive traditional island decor, setting the tone for an unforgettable stay.


Our Rooms

Discover serenity in our spacious rooms at Vagia Traditional, a hidden gem nestled beneath the fragrant pine forest of Vagia on the picturesque island of Aegina, Greece. Immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking vistas, as our rooms offer captivating views overlooking the azure waters of the Saronic Gulf and the revered Ancient Temple of Aphaia. Each room embodies the essence of local tradition, meticulously furnished with authentic aesthetics, creating a seamless blend of comfort and heritage. Whether gazing upon the lush gardens or the mesmerizing sea, every moment at Vagia Traditional promises a tranquil escape amidst unparalleled beauty.


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