I really can’t recommend this place enough. It is truly a special corner of the world.

When you picture a trip to a Greek island, what immediately comes to mind may be a beautiful hotel with vines growing over a terrace, stone floors everywhere that are meant to be walked on barefoot, a beach just a walk away, and of course an amazing breakfast. Notis’s hotel is exactly this and more because he and his family are what make it special. You can tell that there is an intention behind the beauty of this place. Beyond the hotel which has a wonderful breakfast and beautiful terrace, it is surrounded by the beautiful island of Aegina. A beach is about a 3-5 minute walk away and has a pair of beachside restaurants. Nearby there is one of the best attractions on the island, the temple of Aphaia. Notis’s wonderful mother gave my friend and I directions. The Temple of Aphaia is a must see in Aegina. Named for the island-specific goddess who, when running from the unwanted attention of a man (#metoo amirite), she was made a goddess by Artemis and turned invisible. But the temple is anything but invisible. It is a grandiose and spiritual and makes you realize why Greek mythology is continually poured over. There is a magic to this place. The port town of Aegina can be reached by bus which comes about 3 times per day.  And best of all and a must do if you are physically able is to go to the chapel on the mountain right next to the hotel to view the sunset. I really can’t recommend this place enough. It is truly a special corner of the world.




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